Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Annika {new}

A little over a week ago, Heather contacted me on referral from another of my families. She was looking for photos in hospital of her family after the birth of the baby who was due in mid-May. Of course! I love referrals and I love documentary style photography. I happily agreed and Heather and I planned to touch base in a few weeks , after she had her baby.

Only a week passed before I got a call from Heather whose water had just broken . Her baby was on her way! Little Early Bird had plans of her own!

After I got work that the little one was born, I made my way to the hospital and was greeted warmly by Heather and Michael who treated me like an old friend. I spent 45 minutes photographing Annika's first true nursing session and how she fit so perfectly between her daddy's hands. I reveled in her strength and perfection and how , unless you weighed her, you'd never know she was early. It made my whole day to spend this time with a family that I look forward to spending more time with as Annika grows!

Thank you, Heather and Michael, for inviting me in as you journey together in parenthood!

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Charlie {birth}

Long ago, but not so long ago, I met a family that I instantly knew were my kind of people. Conversation was always easy as jokes were batted about. And even if you didn't know that joke, you laughed any way, because their laughter was contagious.

Claire asked me not long after that session if I would photograph the birth of her next child, whenever that may be.  I'd never done one, but YES! Of course! I couldn't imagine a better family to experience this extraordinary event with.

Time went on, announcements were made, and I never forgot about Claire's request. And neither did she.

The belly grew.  An Eviction warning was sent . And Charlie took heed .

On Charlie's due date,  my Facebook messenger rang , it was Casey. Not long later, I got in my car and hurried to meet these beautiful souls, preparing to meet their baby.

True to form, the Hoffman/McKenna crew faced this hurdle as they face every one. With humor and love. And kindness. It was my pleasure to watch Casey and Mary stand beside Claire as she looked this challenge in the eye and met it. 3 rounds of pushes. That's all it took for her. Then, Baby Charlie, all 9 lbs of him was here. Instantly enveloped in love and tears and joy.

I wore my invitation to this birth like a badge of honor. Yes, I was the photographer. But I am apart of something that is inexplicably wonderful. I'm Their People.  Thank you for that, Claire, Casey, Mary, Stephanie, Evan and Kaley .

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Jace and Charlee

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This past week, I spent a lot of time with Jace, Charlee! I have watched them smile and explore. I saw them question reality when their mama coaxed them to dig fist first into flawlessly frosted cakes. Surely, this can't be !

As I've watched Jace and Charlee grow this year, their personalities have flourished but Charlee is still the charmer, flirting with those she meets behind long lashes and a sweet smile. And Jace is still that sweet soul with his heart on his sleeve. While they continue to grow, I have a feeling they'll still innately be as they are today. For that, the world is lucky!

Thank you, Nicole and Clayton, for inviting me along to meet you periodically on the path to the twins first birthday. Just as they have grown in confidence and strength, so have you. You are phenomenal parents whose selflessness and love for those sweet blue eyed babies is always evident! As they cross the threshold from babies to toddlers, don't forget to take a minute to reflect on all you've done in one year and be so proud of yourselves!

And thank you to each of Nicole and Clayton's family and friends who welcomed me into the family for a few day!

Want to view Jace and Charlee's first year portraits? Click here  and use PIN 9726
Want to view Jace and Charlee's birthday party photos? Click here and use PIN 1107

Missy Long, child and family photographer

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The making of a big brother

 They say, when you add a baby to the world, a family is a made. A new mom, a proud father, doting grandparents.  But when you add ANOTHER baby to the family.....something really special is born.

A big brother or sister.

Chance is 8....but he's almost going  to be  "almost 9". He has a July birthday .  When people meet Chance, they first notice his fierce red hair. I noticed so much more.

When I arrived to take photos of his new baby brother, Chance immediately extended his hand for a quiet and polite handshake and smile.  I went about preparing for the task that brought me to his home.  He sat quietly on the couch watching Alvin and the Chipmunks ( the new one, not the cool old one from our day his parents and I decided) .

As mom finished feeding the baby and dad changed him, I set out to find a good photo spot - one with good lighting, near a heat vent and away from the busyness of the household . When I found what I was looking for I began setting up my things . Chance appeared in the doorway, asking if I needed any help.

When a child asks to help, I always find something for them to do. As it would go, I did need to test my light and Chance could be my model.

During that 10 minutes, I learned a lot about him....where he went to school, that he couldn't pick a favorite sport because he loves football and basketball equally. I learned of his nerves for the basketball game he was on his way to play. Like any 8 year old boy, he loves games and his favorites he plays on the PS4. 

But what I really learned is that life from his point of view changed pretty drastically ( he might have sleep with his door closed and pillows over his ears when his brother is hungry at night) and then it changed not all.  Chance still has things to do and his parents still have places to go. School still starts at 9 am every week day, dinner still has to be made and eaten. So while life has shifted dramatically, the same things still require love and attention and time and Chance showed  me that this is a pretty awesome deal, becoming a big brother. He told me that, even though he has to share life with a tiny new baby, he never feels lonely and , sometimes, when his brother is really crying, he can play his game a little longer. Not too shabby, I think.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Brown family

I was invited to photograph a rather momentous and joyous occasion this week- the adoption hearing that would make Harley officially a member of the Brown family. Ruth, Seth and Gavin as well as the Brown's church family had already accepted Harley as their own long ago. This formality, though, marked the top of the journey . The mountain had been climbed, the adoption was complete. 

Brown family adoption gallery

Brown family adoption photo video

                “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” -Psalm 126:3

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Every day life

 There is such beauty found in the hum-drum of every day life. Here's a bit from my spot in the universe.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

365 project week 11

Dec 8th - I had a shoot with three kids and three puppies, all adorable
Dec 9th- A trip to the park . She gathered pine cones, I collected pictures
Dec 10th- A trip down town
Dec 11- This lonely tree invited a photo on our way home from school
Dec 12- Our Christmas tree ala Pam Williams ;)
Dec 13- Those baby blues....

Dec 14- Sleeping beauty was the subject of my quick snap before posting tonight!
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